The Monday Review

A quick look at events in Destiny and the clan.

Clan Update

  • Azure interviewed Nym for the Cafe Chat podcast to find out what makes him tick and met up with Harry Coles for a few beers IRL
  • AngryGSUS showed us how not to make fries at home without turning yourself into a living inferno (get well soon bud!)
  • Clan members Poppasan59 | Nym 146 | TauntedGorilla | Other Guy1 | Maverick1G teamed up with a blueberry and spent some time in the Garden of Salvation.
  • Taunted, Nym and said blueberry went down into the Pit of Sorrow and came back up with fully masterworked loot
  • OG focussed on bringing Eva Levante all the oral hygiene equipment she could ever want, all in the name of Festival of the Lost’s Chocolate Coins.
Taunted outgunned Maverick by three, but couldn’t beat OG’s KD. Poppa did great despite being under levelled.

This Week At Bungie – 7 November 2019

A $100 donation to GametoGive nets you this cool stuff

Cozmo has the wheel for this edition of This Week At Bungie, covering the change to Pinnacle gear Power Level drops, Iron Banner, the new Altar of Sorrow event, GameToGive charity update, new arrivals to the Bungie Store, a report on Hotfix and of course, Movie of the Week.

Movie of the Week – 7 Nov 2019

Reddit Review

Selected for their interest and discussion value and not necessarily representative of my opinion, here are some posts from DestinyTheGame on Reddit from this past week.