What is Destiny Cafe and who are the Cafe Remnants?

Back in the day there was Halo 3 and it’s hugely successful Forge. A group of gamers got together and formed the Forge Cafe community, creating and sharing Forge maps and shooting each other in their digital faces (or stabbing them in the back assasination-style if you’re Nym 146).

In September 2014 came the original Destiny, and Destiny Cafe [CAFE] was born. With less opportunity for creativity in Destiny compared to Forge, the community continued in a smaller capacity playing together and having fun and sharing tales of their legendary exploits.┬áThe great Urk McGurk of Bungie tweeted once that the “Cafe” sign in the Asylum Crucible map was a nod to Forge Cafe and whether he was just being nice or not, we like to believe it.

The third evolution of the clan started in September 2017 with Cafe Remnants [DREG] playing Destiny 2. Like the Awoken, we are a ragtag bunch of Destinverse explorers, bound together with common goals – shoot the aliens and take home the loot.